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Employee Benefit Plan Lawyers in St. Louis

Serving Pension and Welfare Plans as Fund Counsel

At Schuchat, Cook & Werner, in St. Louis, we represent pension, welfare and other benefit funds in various capacities. Together, the law firm has more than 100 years of experience in the employee benefits field, serving as fund counsel and special benefits counsel for more than 50 jointly administered, collectively bargained pension and welfare plans. Some of our attorneys have been admitted to honorary organizations, including the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel, and have served as Chairs of the American Bar Association's Labor and Employment Employee Benefit Committee.

Illinois and Missouri Benefit Plan Lawyers

Employee benefits are governed by ERISA, the Internal Revenue Code, COBRA, HIPAA, the Pension Protection Act, the Affordable Care Act, and other federal or state laws. The complex regulations and requirements affecting these plans require knowledgeable legal guidance. We assist our client funds in all aspects of these plans, from drafting plan documents, to plan administration and litigation. We can help you to comply with the existing and new laws regulating employee benefit plans, and represent you before government agencies regulating employee benefit plans, such as the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service.

The attorneys in the Employee Benefits Group also serve as special benefits counsel in various capacities, including assisting with plan transactions, compliance issues, opinion letters, arbitration of deadlocked disputes between plan fiduciaries and as expert witnesses.

Representing Employee Benefit Plan Fiduciaries

Our attorneys understand the issues that can arise from the operation of an employee benefit plan. We have experience in a wide range of disputes and transactions involving these plans. We regularly advise clients on the responsibilities of benefit plan fiduciaries.

Contact us for dedicated and professional representation for your employee benefit plan concerns.

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