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Prevailing Wage Lawsuits

Missouri and Illinois Prevailing Wage

In Missouri and Illinois, contractors and subcontractors are required to pay their employees the prevailing wage for work performed on public works projects. If the employees are not paid this wage, they may have a claim against their employer for non-payment of proper wages.

If you have questions about prevailing wage issues, turn to the attorneys in Schuchat, Cook & Werner’s Labor and Employment Group. We are an experienced firm that is aggressive in our defense of employees’ rights. Our attorneys are educated in the wage and hour laws in both Missouri and Illinois and are able to help clients understand their rights according to their state’s specific laws.  To schedule a consultation, contact us online or call 314-732-1127 or 888-365-044 or visit us on Facebook.

What Is a Prevailing Wage?

The Missouri Department of Labor and Illinois Department of Labor set a prevailing wage for different classifications of workers, such as electricians, plumbers, laborers, outside linemen, and carpenters. There is a specific wage (in the form of wages and benefits) for each classification. A contractor or subcontractor on a public works project must pay the right wage to employees for work on the job site and in some cases for the transportation of materials and equipment to and from the site. Public works are jobs that are for public benefit or use or funded in whole or in part by local, municipal, or state funds. The wage you are supposed to be paid depends upon your classification, which in turn depends on the type of work you perform.

Prevailing Wage Lawsuits

If you believe you are not being paid the prevailing wage to which you are entitled on a public works job, we can gather all information and file a lawsuit on your behalf. We are skilled litigators and can take any wage disputes to court whenever necessary. Our lawyers can also negotiate with your employer, if that avenue of resolution is more suited to your situation. Regardless of the way in which we seek an end to the case, we keep your best interests and the law in mind throughout the entirety of the matter.

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