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Non-Compete, Severance and Executive Agreements

Experienced Lawyers Handling Non-Compete and Severance Agreements

Employees are at a disadvantage when discussing severance and non-compete agreements with employers. The terms of these contracts can greatly influence your options in finding new employment. The attorneys in Schuchat, Cook & Werner’s Labor and Employment Group have the experience to find creative solutions to your legal concerns.   If you have been asked to sign a covenant not to compete, or to accept a severance package, contact us online, or call 314-732-1127 or 888-365-0445 or visit us on Facebook.

Non-Compete Agreements

Executives and professionals eager to start or continue a new job often sign non-compete agreements that are disadvantageous if the employment relationship ends. These agreements may restrict your right to accept another job within your field of expertise, even if you are terminated by your current employer. We help our clients understand these agreements and assist them in exploring and negotiating more favorable terms.

Understanding the Impact of a Severance Agreement

Employees who have been laid off or terminated with or without cause may be offered complex severance agreements with short deadlines for accepting or rejecting them. The terms of these agreements can severely limit your rights going forward. If you were terminated wrongfully, the severance agreement will waive your right to pursue legal action against your employer. Our attorneys have analyzed hundreds of these agreements and have successfully helped our clients understand and negotiate improvements to them. Our employment litigation experience allows us to quickly analyze your options and advise you as to whether the severance package is in your best interest.

Review of Executive Agreements

Employees are at a disadvantage when negotiating the terms and conditions of a new position, when dealing with workplace problems, and when ending the employment relationship. The employers will consult with their attorneys. We provide experienced and creative advice to help our clients level the playing field. Our services include any situation involving executives, including:

  • Negotiating employment contracts – We help clients understand their options in negotiating a favorable employment contract.
  • Dealing with workplace problems – Whether your goal is to preserve your position, or end your employment on the best possible terms, we can help you protect your interests in negotiation or litigation.
  • Employee benefits issues – Benefits are often a large percentage of the compensation received by employees. We have extensive experience in cases involving employee benefits. We can provide you with the guidance you need to maximize your compensation package.

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If you have questions about non-compete, severance or other employment agreements, contact us online or call 314-732-1127 or 888-365-0445 or visit us on Facebook.

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