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Many employees are misclassified by their employers as "exempt" and are not paid overtime for work over 40 hours per week. Just because you are paid on a salary basis does not mean that you are not entitled to overtime. Our firm is well versed in federal and state wage and hour laws, and can quickly determine whether you may be due unpaid overtime. Contact our office to discuss your situation

What is Misclassification?

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers must pay their employees time and one-half their regular rate of pay for work over 40 hours per week. There are a number of exemptions to the requirement to pay overtime. However, many employers mistakenly misclassify their employees as exempt from this requirement when, in actuality, they are not.

There are three main classifications of exempt employees – executive, administrative, and professional. Determining whether an employee is truly exempt under one of these classifications is a fact intensive process and depends on a number of factors, such as the type of work the employee performs, whether the employee supervises other employees, and the employee's level of education and experience. An employee may be due overtime pay if her employer has mistakenly misclassified her as exempt.

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If you have questions about whether you may be due unpaid overtime, contact our office or call our law firm today at 314-732-1127 or 888-365-0445 or visit us on Facebook We are happy to schedule a consultation.

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