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St. Louis Disability Insurance Claim Lawyers

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If you have gotten hurt, or become sick and have applied for disability insurance and have questions about your rights, turn to our lawyers at the law firm of Schuchat, Cook & Werner. We are committed to helping people understand their options and ways they may live their lives and pay for the things they need, even if they are unable to work.

Several employers provide disability insurance for their employees, and many people purchase disability insurance through their own insurance providers. In addition, workers may be protected from financial effects of disabilities by provisions in their pension or retirement plans. At Schuchat, Cook & Werner, we assist people with their claims for disability benefits from these and other sources. Contact us online, or call 314-732-1127 or 888-365-0445 to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation or visit us on Facebook. We can work with you when dealing with your provider, and explain the steps and time lines in the application and appeal process.

What is Disability Insurance?

A person who is sick or injured and unable to work for an extended period of time, or permanently, may be entitled to receive disability benefits through an insurance policy provided through their employer or purchased individually. While medical insurance may cover the medical aspects of your sickness or injury, and the Family Medical Leave Act provides for unpaid leaves of absence in certain circumstances, disability insurance replaces a portion of your lost income while you unable to work. These benefits are designed to both provide benefits to individuals whose disability is not permanent or do not otherwise qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits, and to supplement Social Security Disability Benefits for those who are permanently disabled.

Your disability benefits are set by the terms of your plan, and every plan is different. For instance, some policies may provide benefits for both work related and non-work related sicknesses and injuries, while other plans may only cover non-work related conditions. The waiting period for benefits to begin may range from a matter of weeks to six months or more. Some policies may cover you if you are unable to do your own job while others require you to be unable to perform any job for which you are qualified. Finally, not every policy replaces the same amount of your lost wages, though most will replace between 33% to 60% of your lost income. These are just some examples of how benefits may vary from policy to policy, and it is important that you review the terms of your individual policy carefully.

There are strict time limits on your ability to apply for benefits and appeal a denial of your claim. In most cases, the application and appeal procedures are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act; however, public employees and individual policies may be governed by different laws. You should therefore speak to an attorney immediately if you have any questions about your rights, or the disability provider's actions. In particular, if your claim has been denied you should speak to an attorney immediately, because in most cases an appeal is mandatory and must be submitted to the disability insurance provider within 180 days.

At Schuchat, Cook & Werner we can help you get a copy of your policy if you do not already have one, help you understand your rights, and pursue any benefits to which you are entitled. We have experience both handling internal appeals, and if necessary litigating disputes with disability benefit providers. If you have been denied disability benefits, or if you are sick or injured and just have questions about the application process, please call our firm as soon as possible.

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