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Over 70 Years of Providing High Quality Legal Services

The attorneys at Schuchat, Cook & Werner are dedicated to providing strong advocacy and attentive service to employees, unions and employee benefit plans in a wide variety of labor, employment, workers' compensation and benefits law matters.  Founded by Stanley Schuchat in 1947 as a sole practitioner representing a handful of labor unions, the firm has grown to sixteen attorneys advocating on behalf of labor unions, employee benefit plans, workers compensation claimants, individual employees, and long and short-term disability claimants in Missouri, Illinois, and the Midwest. Throughout our history, the attorneys at Schuchat, Cook & Werner have consistently been recognized for their excellent representation and dedication to their clients.  To find out how we can help you, contact us today at 314-732-1127 or 888-365-0445 or visit us on Facebook.

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Labor & Employment Law Attorneys Since 1947

Serving the Needs of Employees, Executives, and Professionals

Many employees are not aware of their rights, or of the options they have in employment matters. Our firm provides the personal attention and skill necessary to represent your interests.

We represent employees who have experienced demotions, layoffs, terminations and other adverse employment actions based upon their sex, race, age, national origin, religion, disability, pregnancy or need to take sick or family leave.  We also represent employees in pursuing claims for long and short-term disability benefits.

In addition, we provide assistance to executives and professionals in contract negotiations involving non-compete agreements, severance packages and other employment agreements.

Workers' Compensation Representation

Our Missouri and Illinois workers' compensation lawyers assist people who have suffered a work injury and are seeking the benefits they have earned. We can handle cases involving all types of injuries that occurred in the workplace, such as back injuries, repetitive stress injuries, head injuries and more.

  • Handbook on Illinois Workers' Compensation Law Download
  • Handbook on Missouri Workers' Compensation Law Download

Private and Public Sector Labor Union and Employee Benefit Plan Representation

From the beginning, our firm has served the needs of public and private unions and their members. We have attorneys who are experienced in all of the complex legal issues facing 21st century unions, including contract negotiations, unfair labor practices, internal union governance, wage and hour issues, arbitrations and National Labor Relations Board charges. Our firm has one of the largest labor arbitration dockets in the Midwest.

Furthermore, our attorneys have over 70 combined years' experience in representing Taft-Hartley, multiemployer benefit plans that provide retirement, medical and prescription drug, weekly disability, supplemental unemployment, vacation, holiday, and other benefits to union members and their families. We bring a wealth of knowledge in the fields of labor and employee benefits law.


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